i-Telecom the wholesaler of your Voice

A service, which covers all parts of the telecommunication market.

The i-Telecom Ltd is a 100% hungarian, earnest and committed company on the hungarian telecommunications market. With our complex and connected divisions and professional consultants, it is guaranteed that we are a customer oriented VoIP provider, and we always find the best and most useful solutions for our partners.

Our company – unlike other providers – is the only one in Hungary, which offers its safe and secure services in all fields of telecommunication throughout the whole country.

  • Our expert team has more than 20 years of experience, they will always to find the best solution for you.
  •  i-Telecom Ltd. provides customized telecommunication solutions for its corporate partners.
  • • We are aimed to offer retail- and wholesale services to copmanies, no matter how big or small your bussiness is.

What do i-Telecom offer you?

As the partner of the greatest telecommunication providers of the world, our outstanding infrastructural and expert background is the reason we are able to provide a high level of service for our partners. Besides our international sales connections, we maintain a secure wholesale background for many of the most important hungarian providers, also with our self-developed system, we support them as a technological supplier.

We are an independent commercial centre – Hungary’s number one online market for trading VoIP based phone calls. Basically we are on the wholesale market of international calls’ termination through „bussiness to bussiness” connections with TDM, VoIP providers and distributors.

Our long term strategy is to become one of the leader companies on the field of interchanging VoIP traffic. We are sure it will allow us to take part in forming the global VoIP market, through our technological connections and partnerships.

Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. Every e-mail will be answered within 48 hours on workdays. The questions sent on weekends or holidays, will be answered on the next workday.

Our services


Migrate your CPS traffic to VoIP. CPS will be terminated in August 2018 You can save the CPS access fee : (about 0,8-1HUF/min) extra services can be sold, i. e. PBX


To replace the original, physical phone centers, we can offer you a cutomizable, flexible solution. You can swap your outdated or unexpandable without any further investments. In addition to this, you can forget the monthly fees, and high prices. Ideal for copmanies with multiple operating sites.

Voice tranzit

Do you have a significant voice traffic, and want to have the best prices in addition to the stable connection? Please contact us, and ask for our best offers both in national, or international way.

Bulk calls, sending/receiving SMS

Our system is able to process huge number of calls and SMS in an amazingly short time. Please ask for our offer.

Mobile fleet

Connect all your mobile and wired phones in one system!

Revenue sharing

Do you have significant incoming traffic, and want a share of it? We can offer you a new source of income! Up to 1HUF+VAT/min (0,5-1HUF, wired calls)


Do you need plannable expenses? If you are afraid of, or not prepared for fraud traffic If you do not like surprises If you experience dificulties connecting with another provider You are free to call up to the amount paid in advance.


Do you have a cable TV network, and you also need a voice service with affordable price and excellent quality? We have just the best and complete solution for you to manage your voice traffic, including the invoicing system as well.

IP centers/devices

With our Cisco, Linksys and Yealink devices you are able to arrange not only basic IP calls, but can join conference (video) calls.